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Welcome to the official page of Young, Arizona!

This website is intended for locals and visitors alike to learn more about our community.  Young, also known as Pleasant Valley, is a place with a notorious history and bright future. We love this place for its abundant and beautiful nature, endless outdoor activities, and unique rural culture. We invite you to explore our page to learn more about our Pleasant Valley Community Council, our fascinating history, and our many attractions and visitor amenities!  

A Snapshot of the History of Young, Arizona:

Also Known as Pleasant Valley

As early as the 1500’s Spanish explorers traversed through Arizona looking for riches. During their explorations they encountered many Native American tribes. It is difficult to walk anywhere in the area surrounding Young, AZ, without finding evidence of Native American habitation. By the time settlers came into the area in the late 1870’s nothing was left but ruins and those artifacts which couldn’t be taken with them.

Young is situated in a mountain valley. In the 1800’s most of the valley was grass which was almost waist high. It is said that upon looking down into the valley one of the first men to ride into the valley said something to the effect, “What a pleasant valley.” Thus the name stuck.

The word was soon spread that the abundant grassland was perfect for raising cattle. While not easy to get to, cattlemen began to move their families and livestock to homestead this open range. By the middle of the 1880’s several ranches were established.

In the mid 1880’s a feud began between two ranch families who had been partners in the cattle business. A falling out occurred which resulted in what is now called “The Pleasant Valley War,” about which many books have been written. Pleasant Valley was split between the two factions. To this day, the descendents of the pioneer families who lived here at the time remain silent about much of the details of who was involved and to what degree. The “War” ended when the last man of one of the factions was killed in the early 1890’s.

The ranch of the last man killed was purchased by a family named Young. One of the Young daughters became the post mistress. When applying for a Post Office, the name Pleasant Valley was already established in another part of the state. The new postmistress decided to name the post office “Young.” Thus, the official name of the community is Young, AZ, but most often referred to as Pleasant Valley.

Pleasant Valley is still home to many ranching families. Family businesses have come and gone and new ones are still cropping up on the main road in town. It remains rural with most services requiring a one or two hour drive out of town.

Many proud descendents of pioneer families still reside in Young. However, it attracts new residents every year. The beauty of the valley is unparalleled, surrounded by mountains and forest. It is a respite from the heat, traffic, and stresses of city living. After a day away, it is good to be home.

As told by Marilyn Freegard, President of the Pleasant Valley Historical Society